Hanoi Hannah

Welcome to LiveLoveLick. I apologise for the lack of photos on a food blog (which is practically blasphemy) however this was a spontaneous project and I’m back dating some of my first few posts in order to share some of the places I’ve been to recently. I promise to be better in the future.

This is one of my favorite haunts, although parking in the area can be a bit of a bitch. But a few unique and tasty cocktails, some vietnamese rice paper rolls, and a big delicious bowl of hot pho with friends can cure all ails.

Served with all the essentials – chilli, soy, a dark oysterlike sauce (yes, I should really know what it is but I don’t), mint, lemon, and my personal favourite, a big pile of fresh bean shoots. I love to chuck a pile on top of the pho and press them just under the surface of the broth with my spoon so they cook only slightly, but remain crispy. Yum.

Why do I not have a photo of a big delicious bowl of hot pho to accompany this post? Because I am clearly letting you down. However I do have a photo of a tasty cinnamon and mint infused cocktail that is served in what looked to me like a miniature version of a double handed vase.

I don't know but it's served in a tiny vase.

I don’t know but it’s served in a tiny vase.

You can’t really book here, but if you can’t get in early simply put your name down and leave your number and they’ll give you a call back when a table is free, meanwhile a few minutes walk will put you on chapel street with an abundance of drink serving establishments to entertain you while you wait. I favor Lucky Coq, as it’s the closest, but it can be hard to resist filling yourself up on pizza while you wait to be called to your pho, bro. But more on that another time.


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