+39 Pizzeria

Yeah yeah, I know, everyone already knows how awesome this place is. The first time I went there I ordered a takeaway margherita and ate it out of the box while I was walking back to the office. And only got a little amazing tomato paste dripping onto my clothing… ok, I admit it, I’m a pig.

But this time… this time I sat, and savoured my food, and enjoyed myself. What did I order? This magnificent mutant.

Pizza + Calzone = Pizzone?

Pizza + Calzone = Pizzone?

That’s right, its a pizza which has had one side folded into a calzone. It’s custom made for those who look at a menu and think “God I want everything, how can I possibly decide?”. As a standard, there is ham and cheese – oh, so, so much cheese – inside the calzone side, and margherita on the pizza side.

Personally, ham is not my favourite deli meat, so I asked if they could amend the order to have salami instead of ham. They got a bit confused and put salami on the margherita side, and I still got the ham, which was ok. Importantly, I got oodles of melty mozzarella, ham, salami, tomato sauce…

now +39 has BY FAR the best pizza base tomato sauce I have EVER tasted. It’s got that fresh tomato flavour, subtle hints of basil, and a kind of sweetness that comes from quality fresh produce, not from adding excessive sugar. It’s the kind of sauce that when it runs down your fingers you lick it off and don’t care in the slightest if it gets on your face and people look at you kinda funny. The kind of sauce that makes you want to lick the plate, lick it off your clothes if you spill it, hell, maybe even off the table or other peoples plates and clothes. You can definitely get carried away (but hopefully you know better). It’s fresh, it’s simple, it’s probably a closely guarded secret, and it makes you feel happy and contented from top to toe.

The crust isn’t half bad either.

For dessert I had apple and rhubarb crumble with vanilla bean ice cream and toasted caramelized almonds scattered on the top like little crunchy pieces of sugar heaven… I was way too full but I didn’t care.



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