Live to Eat or Eat to Live?

Well folks here we go again. Despite being a ‘Live to Eat’ kind of person, due to a number of recent incidents I’m finding my financial budget to be drastically diminished for the near future and may need to slot myself into the ‘Eat to Live’ category for a little while. I’m sure some of you have found yourself in this position before! Nonetheless I have no intention of living off chickpeas, steamed rice and frozen vegetables.

But I have another challenge. I want to focus on my health again. How does one eat healthy, GOOD food, particularly with a bit of a paleo (note, protein heavy and low carbs – which are usually the cheap option) on a tight budget?

Well I hope to share that with you over the next few weeks but my first tip is this:

Seasonal produce boxes.

There are a number of benefits to these:

  1. Healthy, fresher food
  2. Tastes better
  3. Good value – particularly for organics this is much cheaper than buying organic in store
  4. Seasonal variety forces you to learn to cook new things to use what you get.

Here is a list of some of the suppliers that deliver to your door in Metropolitan Melbourne. – from $39 but no choice in product, set delivery days – from $40 and limited ability to exclude certain items, set delivery days – from $55 any day of the week – from $55 any day of the week – from $55 and allow you to add ‘extra fruit’ or ‘extra veggies’

You can also check out – a website where you can order complete fresh meal packages you cook yourself complete with meat/fish/recipes, they seem to round out to about $5 per person per meal – they aren’t organic but still a cheaper and healthier option than eating out! But hopefully I’ll show you how to cook for less than that 🙂

I’ll be using Aussie Farmers, and starting next Wednesday, so if you would like to join me I’ll try to post up as many recipes and tips as I can using the ingredients that get delivered !