Native Box – May

Well, technically I signed up (or tried to sign up) in June, however my first Native Box was actually from May. This is because I had some issues signing up – not only was the customer service impressive – super prompt and friendly – but after helping them work out some issues in their checkout process they were kind enough to offer me not just a discount, but a COMPLIMENTARY box. To ensure I got this promptly and as the June boxes weren’t heading out yet, they sent me a leftover May box 🙂 How lovely is that! It really made me feel warm and fuzzy and appreciated. Off to a good start obviously!

I got the Classic Box, a mix of organic foods, beauty products and home products – normally $24.95 per month (as low as $22 if you order a year upfront) and you can find them here:


Box arrived the next business day and was pretty standard – cardboard mailer with tissue paper lining. There was an eco-style logo on the inside of the lid which feels like the box is made from recycled material but I’m not entirely sure if it is, if so wasn’t explicitly advertised anywhere. Contents wise I got only 2 full size products, 2 trial size and 5 sample size.

  • Full size organic gluten free buckwheat pancake mix
  • Full size charcoal infused konjac sponge
  • Trial size sukin hand and nail cream
  • Sample size hot chocolate x 2
  • Sample size lotions x 3
  • Trial size organic dark chocolate (which didn’t last very long at all)

“Other” items included a recycled pen, and a $15 gift voucher for Adorn Cosmetics.


Now I was quite happy as I had been wanting to buy one of those konjac sponges anyway, and they did ship me this box complimentary. However, if I had paid $25 for it I think I would have been a little disappointed as the retail value of the pancake mix, hand cream and sponge only total about $16. The $15 Adorn voucher was nice, but required a further spend to use it (on product and at bare minimum on postage, though there was no “minimum” spend required). Maybe another $1-1.50 for the little chocolate bar, but I never feel like the sachet-style samples have any value at all as they are always free anyway, and the pen is a promotional item.

Now I’m not certain if I got a few less items because I got this box for free, or if it was just because the pancake mix barely fit in the mailer and didn’t leave room for anything else, or if this is normal. However in this case when compared with the June NoTox box that I also received, I would say it represents lower value to the consumer – although Native Box is implementing a product-review-for-points system which NoTox doesn’t have, so when up and running that will be a good thing too and I’m looking forward to seeing their online store.

Nonetheless I do have feelings of goodwill towards the company due to interactions so far (great customer service always impresses me) and I would like to support them and help them become better. I have put this feedback to them for their comment and response, and will supply it when I receive it.

Other options from native box include Vegan Box, Supersize Box (all full size products, sent quarterly), Mums and Bubs Box (what a great idea!), Beauty Box and Mens Box.




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