Broadening Horizons

So I’m excited to say that I’ll be reviewing things other than food and restaurants from now on. This has largely come about due to an over enthusiasm for subscription boxes: I’ll be reviewing the following services over the next month or so, as they arrive.

  • Lust Have It Womens Box (Beauty/Skincare)
  • Lust Have It Eco Box (Beauty/Skincare)
  • Lust Have It FaB Box (Beauty/Fashion)
  • Bella Box (Personalised Beauty/Skincare)
  • Beauty Edit (Personalised Beauty/Skincare)
  • Violet Box (Beauty)
  • Mirenesse Glam Mixed Box (Beauty/Skincare)
  • Mirenesse VIP Service (Beauty/Skincare)
  • Native Box (Eco Food/Beauty/Homewares)
  • NoTox Box (Personalised Eco Food/Beauty/Homewares)

WOW! I’m so excited!

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