Elwood Food and Wine Bar

From Mon-Weds Elwood Food and Wine Bar has a tapas special – $10 for any tapas dish and a glass of house wine.

While it is, of course, still a house wine, it’s reasonably drinkable and considering some of the tapas dishes are normally $10 on their own you aren’t losing much. The service is helpful and the food service is quick. It was no issue separately ordering 2 separate rounds of tapas (2 dishes per person was enough for dinner) as you aren’t left waiting a long time after each order.

Croquettes: special of the day, chorizo and corn – while the crumb on the outside of the croquettes was golden and crispy, and the corn added a nice flavour, the chorizo inside them was a little tough and the majority of the croquette a bit too floury, sticking to the teeth a bit as you ate. I’m not a big fan of that furry coated feeling.

Chorizo – yes we ordered 2 chorizo dishes. Served with red wine reduction and spinach, this was a nicely spicy chorizo. Just enough to make you satisfied without being so much that the richness of it gets sickening.

Eye fillet skewers – these are fantastic. You get two skewers per serve each with 3-4 pieces of steak… Flavorful, fall-apart, melt in your mouth steak… Also comes with rocket and sweet potato mash. Sends me to my happy place. It was so good we ordered a second plate of it in round 2.

Haloumi – served with a wedge of lemon, fresh herbs, and caramelized figs. I may love haloumi more than people but I was a bit torn. While I do like figs with cheese I usually save it for a very strong soft cheese or a blue. Thu have such a sweetness and distinct flavor I think they detract a little from the simple classic taste of the haloumi.

Sweet potato wedges – farmhouse style fries with aioli. Again I’m torn. I like sweet potato, and these were done quite well with a reasonable amount of crispness. But I like my fries salty and I find the sweetness of sweet potato always detracts from this, even if they have a fair amount of salt. I’ll eat sweet potato fries but I’m never quite sure what box they tick, as they don’t quite kill a savory craving. The aioli was smooth and had quite a nice flavor but for personal preference I would have liked a lot more garlic. I mean a loooooot more garlic.

Although it was quite cold we ate in the outdoor area and it was plenty warm enough as they had plastic blinds and overhead heaters, but as a nice extra touch they had also put blankets out on the benches. We spent $55 for 5 tapas, 5 glasses of wine and the fries, and it was enough to fill 3 (only moderately hungry) people.

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