Adorn Cosmetics Mineral Powders

I got a number of sample pots (about $2.50 each) to try out some different products from Adorn Cosmetics (vegan mineral makeup). They came in the cutest teeny pots and they even gave me a sample of a nice tea.


Here they are on the inside of my arm, without and with flash.


From top to bottom:
1- Dark brow powder. A lovely velvety texture. I don’t normally define my brows as they are quite thick already but thought I’d give them a go. Here they are with, and without. It was better than I expected but I personally find it a bit much as I’m not used to it.


2- Desire matte eyeshadow. I really like this. I think a true black eyeshadow is really hard to come by, most of them fade out to a greyish tone. I used very little of this but the pigment is very strong. I really recommend this.

3- Topaz matte eyeshadow. A nice brown, not as velvety as the eyebrow powder.

4- Base matte eyeshadow. Happens to be the exact colour as my skin so is invisible but I assure you it’s there.

5- Summer bronzer. Surprised to find it was lighter than the autumn bronzer however it is much more golden and sparkly. The most traditional bronzer shade.

6- Autumn bronzer. I was surprised by how dark this was. It is sparkly, but not as much as the winter or summer shades or the illuminser. For my skin tone, it’s a little dark to use as a standard bronzer however I think it would be really useful to layer with other bronzer when contouring 🙂 or great if you have a dark skintone or tan already.

7- Winter bronzer. A lighter shade of bronzer with a hint of peach. I quite like this one, and I wouldn’t need to mix a blush with it.

8- Illuminiser. Again, virtually invisible on my skin tone. But it has a subtle golden shimmer.

UPDATE: 17/06/14

Wearing the dark brow powder today, a very light application and I actually love it. I always thought that being a well enbrowed lady I would be crazy to add more darkness to my brows but I was wrong. They look cleaner, sharper, with tidier edges, you can’t see the straggling hairs sitting out of place. Will definitely buy this again! Now in my beauty must haves.

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