A Quickie on BB Cream for Beauty Novices

So basically I have no idea what I’m doing with this beauty stuff. I’ve never worn much makeup. I’m trying my first BB cream at the moment and thought I’d post my initial thoughts to help those out there who are like me. I’m still in two minds about all these products as I’ve always believed that the more product you use the more you need. After using moisturiser on my face all week for the first time ever I feel like my face is bloated and puffy – over moisturised? I don’t know. Nonetheless vanity and a few lines on my forehead are making me give it all a go.

So BB cream. Hailed as the all in one serum, moisturiser,  sunscreen,  primer and foundation. Can be worn alone, over moisturiser or under powder. The first time I used it, I applied serum, day cream, then BB. The product I tried was L’Oréal luminosity code BB cream in Light.


I was really disappointed. I expected some magical beautifying experience but it felt thick and yucky,  like liquid foundation, which I’ve never liked, clogging up my pores. I also noticed them more and had to fill it in with a finishing powder. Today I’m wearing it alone as I’m going to the gym and can’t be bothered with the whole routine. It’s better, feels more like a light sunscreen, and makes me prettier than nothing, though not as pretty as the whole shebang with proper foundation.

No particular verdict either way, that’s just my observation from a non beauty guru 🙂 excuse the bad hasty photo.



2 thoughts on “A Quickie on BB Cream for Beauty Novices

  1. American BB creams are really nothing more than tinted moisturizers. I use Korean BB creams and my skin has improved in texture, has gotten brighter, and looks and feels flawless! I have oily skin so I use Missha’s Matte BB Cream. It only comes in 1 color, which is very light, so I mix it with my other BB creams/foundations I have to get my color and it still works great. I have a post on it with pictures of the texture and how it looks on my skin 🙂 http://styliststeph87.wordpress.com/2014/05/09/missha-matte-bb-cream-review/

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