Chicken Episode

This wasn’t a restaurant/cafe that I was intending to review, so I don’t actually have any photos of the food. It’s only in hindsight that I realise this is definitely a place you need to try.

I’d driven past Chicken Episode a few times, being just around the corner from where I’ve been living lately. But this time I noticed that in the window was written 2ND BEST CHICKEN IN ST KILDA.

2nd best???

This bizarre claim had me googling the venue, only to find – no website, no Facebook page, nothing but a Zomato page with opening hours and a few photos of fried chicken with screaming rubber chicken heads poking in from the edge of the frame.

Consider me intrigued.

We headed down to Chicken Episode at about 9:30pm on a Saturday night (they were open till 11, thank you late night chicken gods) and there was nobody else there, but the young man and woman operating the store were super friendly and helpful, guiding us on our sauce selection and generally joking around. We asked about the “2nd best chicken” and if so, what was the best? And were told that they just didn’t want the responsibility of claiming to be the best!

Well, no worries, I’m going to make that claim for you. This is the best fried chicken I’ve had in a very long time! It was super crispy, plus they gave us a few cubes of free sample while we waited which was cool. There are so many sauces to try I’ll definitely have to go back, but on this occasion, we picked Lucifer Spice. It didn’t TASTE that spicy but be warned, if you have a sensitive stomach or just haven’t eaten that much chilli recently, it will go through you like a curse. Yet I still want more.

The shop is also quirky with funny comic strips and decor throughout, and the chips were damn good, full of flavour without being overly salty, not entirely sure what they did to them! Probably my favourite local chicken shop that I’ve stumbled across, and totally addictive. More Korean Fried Chicken please!




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