Yak Italian

Yak Italian had been on my “to-try” list for some time, after tasting some of their fresh hand made pasta at a sample night. Be aware that pasta is absolutely the focus here – as in, they don’t even have a dessert menu – so if you’re not after pasta, there are SOME other options, but not a lot. Maybe try somewhere else.

For a starter, we couldn’t resist the simple cheesiness of the foccaccia di recco – which is simply a small pizza based stuffed with Taleggio and squacquerone cheese. Carby, cheesy, rustic and delicious. I wouldn’t have minded if there was some garlic on the top as well, but it was still a cheese-laden indulgence. Quite heavy too, we shared this between two but if you just wanted a nibble and maybe something else as a starter, sharing between 4 would be fine too.

All their pasta is hand made in house, tender and fresh. I chose the Gnocchi with lamb ragu, whilst my friend had the Pici. I was a little surprised by the ragu – they did tell me there was a change and it had been made with rabbit as well, but it seemed mostly rabbit and pork sausage with no discernable lamb. It was also very sparse on the sauce, where I was expecting a rich tomato-y concoction with tender meat. However, as I stated – this experience is really all about the pasta, and that was absolutely divine. Whatever dish you order, be prepared to focus on the taste, texture and freshness of the pasta itself, because it really is the hero, whatever you choose to dress it up as. And of course, perfectly al dente.

We also had a cocktail and wine each, but didn’t stick around for coffee – as mentioned, there was no dessert menu on offer, which felt strange at first, but we left full anyway, so were probably saved from our own gluttony by its absence!

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