The Imperial, South Yarra

I first (re)discovered the imperial after a couple of month stint where I had been craving excellent chips, only to be consistently let down. On the very first bite my taste buds proclaimed: “Yes! These are the deep fried potato sticks of goodness we have been seeking all these days!”

The problem is, when you enjoy something rather more than you should, you take away a crippling fear that your expectations are now too high, and any return could only shatter your hopes and dreams. Not so here. Returned last night for $15 Tuesday (all mains) and had a 250g rump steak with chips and salad. Chips did still live up to the expectation. Steak was medium-well when I had asked for rare, but I couldn’t be bothered to say anything for $15. It still tasted pretty decent. Happy hour drinks also runs 5-7pm so all up you can have a decent sized meal and wine/beer for $22.

A great place for a casual after work drink or a classic pub meal.

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