Maya Tequila Bar & Grill

Suffice it to say that after reading all the bad reviews (not just on Yelp but across a range of different mediums!) I was more than a little nervous about heading down to Maya to make use of my AYCE voucher. I mean, it’s always a little hit and miss with those things, but sometimes more hit than miss. Nonetheless we were seated, the menu and voucher limitations explained, and left alone to peruse the cornucopia of Mexican delights before the waitress returned with our Sangria. Not the best Sangria I’ve had by a long shot, but who’s complaining at $20 pp inclusive?

Then we sat back, and waited, wondering how long we’d be kept waiting, as other diners had.  But that wasn’t the case at all. Our first two appetisers (crispy prawns and special of the day pork skewers) arrived promptly (within around 15 minutes) and both were quite delicious! The waitress came back to take our mains order before the rest of the small plates arrived, so there was a bit of a wait here, but it really wasn’t too bad. And everything was pretty good, although I did notice a tendency for nachos to come out a little on the burnt side (ours were better than the tables next to us). I was initially critical of my friend for ordering the fries but actually the spicy seasoning on them was delicious.


The pulled pork quesadilla was not the most flavoursome I’ve ever had, but the beef was pretty good, and again, I’m not exactly complaining for the price we paid and the amount we’d had to eat by this stage! Service was friendly and reasonably attentive, although we did have to go to a bit of an effort to flag the waitresses down as the evening wore on. We both had the flan de leche for dessert, and were surprised to find this variant had a coulis of bitter rasberries rather than the usual caramel sauce. Unexpected, but still quite tasty!


Overall, the night was a success, and we were both happy. Not the best mexican we’d ever had, but not the worst, and fantastic value with the AYCE coupon. I’m not sure that I’d pay full price for it, but I’d be happy to come back again and order a few extra dishes/drinks so that their sales lead pays off for them

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