St Kilda Burger Bar

You could drive past this place a hundred times and never know it was there. Pretty sure I was in the several hundreds. It’s tucked into the back of a drive through bottle shop, and definitely designed for take out (there are a few token seats but personally I don’t care to sit and eat in an undercover car park).

The burgers are at the pricey end but the meal deal with chips and drink isn’t too bad, considering the overall volume of food. The home made beef patties are juicy and flavourful, but the overall burger experience can vary depending on the flavour option that you choose, as some sauce and filling combinations work much better than others. The chips are excellent, haven’t yet ventured to try their desserts although I am continually intrigued by the turkish delight ice cream sandwich concept.

Overall StKBB is quick and easy and a darn sight better than McDonald’s if you live locally. However, I’d steer away from the kids cheese burger, which might seem like a good option for a snack or a meal if you’re not so hungry that day, but they use the same size rolls as the adult burgers which just results in cheese and beef being blandly smothered by an over abundance of white bread.

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