Primal Schnitzel With an Asian Twist

So I was getting a little sick of the grilled meat I’ve been eating all week and wanted to try something different. Behold :


Schnitzel!! Yes I know, not exactly the most creative concept but don’t feel let down just yet, as it’s not your average schnitzel.

Obviously as I am currently avoiding delicious carbs I couldn’t use a breadcrumb, so these babies are crumbed entirely in ground almonds! You still need an egg to bind them of course, but there’s no underlayer of flour either. However I came up against a hurdle- I’d been planning to have stir fry tonight and my vegetable on hand was pak choy. Not really something to go with schnitzel!

But then I remembered the delicious fried and battered Chinese poultry dishes seasoned with that mystery of mysteries: salt and pepper mix.

It’s always seemed like such a wild card to me, the ingredients in the mix are so simple and yet they somehow create a heavenly flavour greater than the sum of their parts… But would they work in a crumb??

The short answer is Yes.

Here we have chicken  breast crumbed in almonds with Chinese salt and pepper, and a side of pak choy (fairly plain, only just wilted with a little sesame oil and chilli). I’m glad I didn’t add soy or salt to the pak choy as it turns out my chicken was rather on the salty side so it balanced nicely! I think this was the best primal meal I’ve made all week.


Hope you had a great dinner too!! Happy Friday 🙂

I used about 3/4 cup of almonds and maybe 2 tsps of salt and pepper mix, 2 chicken breasts and 1 egg. Baked at 180c on grease proof paper lightly sprayed with coconut oil, and lightly sprayed the chicken on the top too. Bake for 20 mins, turning half way. You could use a little less salt and pepper!!

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