Return of the World’s Worst Food Blogger!

HELLO HELLO I am back again. Now you might be wondering why I am referring to myself as the world’s worst food blogger, and that is because I am always so eager to eat that I forget to take a photo. BUT I’M TRYING, FRIENDS, I’M TRYING!

This time I want to write about something a little different… Primal eating, or more specifically, how difficult it is to follow it while eating out! Like any other diet (in my opinion)  it should potentially be taken with a grain of salt but I believe in the principles (avoiding processed, post industrialisation food for the most part).

So after a good long period of laziness and not exercising and frequent indulgence, I’ve decided to get fit and healthy again, exercise like crazy, and get back on board with healthy eating (at least, most of the time). And where possible I’m going to try to follow a primal diet, although lets face it, it won’t be 100% of the time! It can really be a challenge when you aren’t cooking for yourself too – and when you are, it can be a struggle to decide what to cook!

Anyway… on the eating out front, I’ve had some luck recently!


This delightful treat was from Henry and the Fox (525 Little Collins St, Melbourne) and included veal meatballs with honey and mint, and garlic chilli broccolini. I think the best options really are restaurants that have a decent range of small tapas dishes or sides. In this case, the meatballs were from the ‘starters and sharing items’ section of the menu while the broccolini was from the sides section, but nonetheless they went together rather well as a little paleo friendly meal (although I could have gone for a few more meatballs with that purpose in mind).

I’m not sure which part I enjoyed more, the meatballs were the most tender I think I have ever tried (almost too tender, actually, as they were a little hard to eat since they just kept breaking apart!) but the broccolini was really cooked perfectly. I hate overcooked greens, but I don’t necessarily like them raw either. This dish was just the way I like it, just-cooked all the way through but still crispy; I really liked the addition of a small amount of chilli too.

Of course, the down side to ordering from side dishes and starters in a sort of ‘DIY’ fashion is that it tends to not be as cost effective as ordering from the ‘mains’ – but generally you can make it work.


This second dish was from Bohemian Bar and Restaurant (35 Dukes Walk, South Wharf). I’ve been cooking rather a lot of chicken at home during this initial phase (where I’m trying for but honestly falling a little short of ketosis) and I’m kind of sick of it, so it was nice to have someone else cook it for me, and a bit differently. The roasted heirloom carrots, celeriac puree, and reduced stock sauce kind of fancy up the boring old chicken salad just a little bit, and that was a nice change.  Still, it was a little hard in a Spanish restaurant to see the paellas and other far more enticing items rolling past, but I was pretty happy with this dish.

Overall both these restaurants were able to keep me full and happy, but I don’t think I’ve ever been so aware of how difficult it is to eat out when you are following a particular eating pattern! I definitely have a greater appreciation for those with food allergies, and offer you my condolences…

The experience so far has kind of intrigued me though, and I’m now on a mission to see where I can eat and what they actually have that I can eat! I look forward to sharing my adventures with you, and hopefully remembering to take pictures this time round!

Until next time…

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