Goodness Me Box September

I’m sometimes surprised that I still manage to be surprised and excited after all the boxes I’ve received but Goodness Me is definitely one of the winners! Probably because most of the contents are food related and, well, I really like food. So getting a box of mystery treats is a big highlight for me.

Included in the box:

  • Coconut oil spray – a great idea, but remember NEVER USE OIL SPRAY ON NON STICK PANS! The propellant will ruin your non stick surface 🙂
  • A can of coconut water 😀 with the lovely sunny spring weather recently this will be super refreshing for a day lying out in the sun
  • Bonus rose hip roll on – apparently good for errant dry patches and fine lines. I will be interested to see if this does anything for a few random dry spots on my arms that never go away. I like the idea that the roller provides a mini pressure point massage too.
  • Brookfarm brothers blend nut mix – well, fairly self explanatory
  • Luvju choc chip turkish delight bar
  • Ledabar banana snack bar
  • Kokopod smoky black dark chocolate – I generally like chocolate, and salt, and smokey flavours, but I wasn’t sure how this would turn out. The bitterness of the dark chocolate somehow makes the salt taste almost sweet, which in turn counters the bitterness! I really liked this, and sometimes I don’t like dark chocolate. Would definitely buy again.


Also there were 4 samples of Natvia – nice but not so interesting for me, I have no real issue with sugar.


And this – a single serve sample sachet of ‘yousli’. Now as you know I am rather partial to custom orders/subscription things etc. I’ve never head of Yousli before but I think it’s a fantastic idea! Order their boutique meuslis (and one porridge option) online and you can even make your own blend 🙂 The prices are quite reasonable (works out to about $1 per serve or less).

The only thing I’m a bit disappointed in is that the custom blend option doesn’t allow porridge as a base. Because I’m a big porridge eater. I can make it with water at work where there is only long life milk of dubious age (since opening).

The sample Yousli I received was ‘gluten freedom’, which I was a bit disappointed in as I really like oats but I was pleasantly surprised. I often find these gluten free options lack that crunch that toasted oats have, but this one was really quite crisp and had lovely flavours of fruit and cinnamon. I would order it again 🙂 yum. This edition has been one of my favourite boxes of all time 🙂imageOh. And it comes in a tube WITH A SMILEY FACE ON IT.


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