Classic native box august

A little belated – but nonetheless. Native Box’s August Classic Box arrived and I have to say I was pretty excited by this one. Notice something in the picture? No filler. Absolutely no shredded paper/tissue paper/ribbons etc. 100% product filled box 😀


Goodies included:

  • Organic Dried Figs – I love figs, particularly with blue cheese, but I think I’ll save these to chop up and add to some healthy baked goodies
  • Koala popcorn, lightly salted – now I am a popcorn fanatic! I love popcorn and it loves me (maybe?) so I was really happy about getting this organic snack bag. And really pleased by the taste too! So often I find that air popped corn is tasteless because in the absence of oil, the salt or other flavours don’t seem to stick to the kernels. Not so! This popcorn was super tasty and I enjoyed every crumb 🙂
  • Meditree Kakadu Plum moisturiser – I’ve been using this at nights and I really love the smell. It’s light and non greasy.
  • Pure papaya ointment – I’m not a big papaya fan but this is a nice sized sample
  • Vabori Olive Leaf Extract – I’m happy to have received this but a bit hesitant as well. Olive Leaf extract is something I’ve heard lots of praise for so I’m keen to try it… sort of. I’m also a bit hesitant about what it’s going to taste like. But I’m happy I’ll be able to now without committing to buying a whole bottle 🙂 Thanks Native Box
  • Organic Coconut oil – this is a cute little sample. Probably not enough to bake anything with, but enough to use for light stir frying or for cosmetic purposes (face moisturiser, hair treatment? the uses for coconut oil seem endless!)
  • Anerah rejuvinating mineral mask. I’m really fascinated by this. It comes as a powder and you mix it into a mask. I haven’t tried it yet. I’m not sure I have purified water to use either but I’m sure normal water would be ok.


And last but not least, Native Box’s own recycled catering pack. I found this a fascinating item to include. The plate is made of palm leaves and is quite thin (see below) but certainly feels much stronger and sturdier than paper. It included a wooden knife, fork, and bamboo/sugarcane napkin as well. They are compostable and bio degradable 🙂 I think this is a great idea but note that you can’t buy this as a ‘pack’ on their website. The plates, forks, knives and napkins are sold in separate packs however it is not clear from the descriptions how many are sold in a pack.


As usual I really enjoyed receiving this Native Box, I never am quite sure just what will be inside when I open it and I love that surprise!


Native box has responded that the quantities are as follows: Plates 8 per pack ($1.39 per plate), Cutlery 24 per pack (18c per piece), napkins 25 or 50 per pack (16c per piece)

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