Violet Box July

I am very behind the times here and I sincerely apologise! First off, it seems that Violoet Box has changed its packaging. The new packaging is white with a slide out drawer. Personally I liked the old box better, but this one is cute with the signature purple ribbon pull tab.


This months goodies included:

  • KMS hair play putty (so far put to good use by the Mr)
  • 2 Sukin facial masques
  • Truffle moisturiser (ooh la la)
  • LAQA lip pencil – a lovely product that glides on super smoothly, but sadly hot pink lips just dont suit me
  • So Susan Mascara
  • Dr Hauschka Lavender Sandlewood Body wash (smells divine)
  • Sample of Rise by Beyonce fragrance


As you can see, everyone wanted to get into this box, even kittens.



As usual Violet Box has provided a nice range of products to try, which I really appreciate. Although with all the various boxes available in Australia I have to say I am getting a bit sick of the Sukin product samples, as a natural Australian yet low cost product I feel that they get used as filler and personally, I don’t find them all that amazing. I’m currently using Sukin shampoo and conditioner and I have to use handfuls of the stuff to get any results.

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