Native Beauty Box August

Oh my gosh!! How exciting! Today I was a lucky recipient of the first ever Native Beauty Box – With a winter theme. It was pretty much overflowing with goodies.


Seraphina Sensitive Skincare body custard – a thick moisturiser that absorbs quickly and leaves the skin with a lovely sheen. Unscented.  Look forward to using this on dry winter legs
2 x Byron Bay tea samples
Essentially natural therapeutic rose bath salt – it smells gorgeous, a true rose smell like Turkish delight.
Care you love Persian rose face moisturiser – sample size. Love the idea of following up a rose soak with rose scented lotion
Natural lemon myrtle soap – the smell of this is incredibly fresh and invigorating,  it’s the first thing I noticed when I opened the box. The leaf fragments also act as a built in exfoliant .
2 x sanctum hydrating gel mask samples
Konjac eco sponge – I already have one of these and they are fantastic,  I’m able to remove all makeup and oil (except mascara) from my face with no cleanser or makeup remover. This one is flagged for oily skin and as mine is normal I personally find it gets a little dry ifor I use it too much but I still really like it.
Australian bush flower essence intensive hand cream – I’m unlikely to use this myself as I just love having a little native Australian treat to send over seas friends and promote the great natural products we have here!


2 x la mav wrinkle smoothing nightly repair nectar – it’s a little bottle but it says you only need 1-2 drops so it should last a while! It has a very mild and relaxing scent. Looking forward to trying this tonight instead of night cream. I generally am a fan of using a small amount of oil based product instead of slathering on creams, I find it just let’s my skin breathe better and absorbs better also.
Lemon myrtle lip balm – this is new and interesting! It also contains beeswax which is I find one of the most effective lip balm ingredients as it protects your lips from the drying effects of saliva while the other ingredients moisturise!

I definitely found this a very exciting box to open! It’s nice that a seasonal / quarterly box is absolutely stuffed full owr goodness and I also found the winter theme with lots of rose scented products and warm skin nourishing tea well thought out.

Seraphina body custard: this is an extremely unusual product and I don’t think I’ve ever used a lotion like it. Despite being so thick it’s quite hard to get out of the tube, as you rub it in it feels like it is dissolving into water under your hand!! Wow.

La Mav overnight serum: unfortunately despite it being a natural and organic product something in la mav doesn’t seem to agree with me. I tried an eyecream once that I had to wash off immediately due to the burning sensation and this serum, despite using a very tiny amount, led shortly after to mild itching all over my face, so I won’t be able to continue using it.

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