Mirenesse VIP Birthday Box

Well there are good and bad things about the Mirenesse VIP birthday box. Firstly, it is quite good value. However, they allow you to order up to 3 of them, and so I did ! Never expecting that I would get 3 complete duplicates 😦 I don’t think this is very intuitive or customer friendly. So that was kind of disappointing.

I received a neck mask, full size lip gloss, sample lip gloss, blue liquid eyeliner, foaming cleanser and a small super line product. I separately had bought a red lip bomb (been eyeing this off for a while) and the new Supreme Secret Weapon Mascara. I can’t go past the Mirenesse mascaras these days and I think I’m hooked.



As you can see I now have a nice little collection of Mirenesse lip glosses 🙂 Again, I don’t think I’ll be going back to any others. The only down side is they are a little bit sticky and the boy doesn’t like to kiss them! But other than that they are a dream. I now have my favourite shades for fancy events, winter, summer, girly and nude looks.



Mirenesse has great products but I’m sometimes not sure about the value or intuitiveness to customer needs – this was one of those times. Wish I had got 3 different sets of products – at the very least different coloured lip glosses would have been a nice start. Sorry Mirenesse but you let me down this time.

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