Goodness Me Box July and August

You get a two in one this time!!

I love getting my goodness me box… because I know it will be full of yummy treats! And it’s always packaged so sweetly. I find it interesting that the sticker around the side of the box is cut where the opening is. It’s clearly been applied as one continuous sticker and then cut. They could leave it to keep the box even more tightly sealed but I guess they don’t want it to be frustrating for us to open? It’s kind of cute ^^



July – My first goodness me box and it was so exciting!

  • MUMA raw core sprinkle has been a nice variation from my standard chia seeds to add into my porridge.
  • Organic ginger syrup – now this stuff has been a god send! I wasn’t sure about it at first but I got a cold and decided to mix it into a cordial with a little lemon juice. I’m pretty sure it single handedly staved off my illness 🙂
  • Zucchini Flats – these are ok. They don’t taste like anything much. You need some tzatziki or something to go with it.
  • Sticky – a datey figgy kind of raw treat. I liked it 🙂
  • Raw sugar scrub
  • Sea power – I didn’t like this, but then I’m not a big sea food/seaweed type person
  • Cacao nibs – Yum 🙂
  • 2 sachets of ‘good green stuff’


As usual there were the little accompanying recipes.






Oh and I nearly forgot to mention this little carob bear. Because he didn’t last 5 minutes after the box was delivered. I don’t really like carob, it’s no substitute for actual chocolate, but this was actually pretty good. And cute. Which is a plus.



  • The Chia Co chia shots – I think this is a great idea and they have been in the cupboard at work for my morning porridge. However, the packets are damn hard to open without scissors, which is not so great for a ‘portable’ food option.
  • Nuzest clean lean protein – original and chocolate – I haven’t tried the chocolate yet but the original has made its way into a batch of healthy-ish cacao crumble, along with
  • Rice malt syrup – which is a great sugar alternative for sweetening all kinds of cooking.
  • 3 samples of madame flavour tea
  • A clean treats cocoa and coconut ball – oh em gee i love these!


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