Subscription Box Comparison

Below is my summary review of all the different kind of boxes. Note that in the summary substantial travel/sample sizes are referred to as travel size, while sample sachets/single use are referred to as sample. Other refers to other offers such as gift vouchers with partner companies or coupons, promotional items such as pens, magnets etc. I hope you find this helpful in choosing the right box for you ūüôā xox

Lust Have It

Offers Monthly Women’s Box $19.95, Quarterly Eco Box $29.95, Monthly Fashion and Beauty (FaB) Box $35, Bridal Box $50, and occasional specialty boxes (e.g. Chloe Morello). All boxes ship mid month. Shipping notification but¬†no tracking on shipments. Has an online store with limited product available, boxes and purchases contribute towards points which can be used on products, however most products have a points cap.

Women’s Box: May
5 full size, 0 travel size, 0 samples, 1 other

I’m sorry to say that after my June experience I am not inclined to recommend Lust Have It. I did not receive¬†my June Eco box until¬†early July, June Women’s box in mid July, ¬†and as of now (16/07) have not received the FaB Box at all. Customer service response is also very slow. The products you receive is not bad but when there are so many other options out there this company is not for me.

Bella Box

Offers one box $15 and claims¬†limited ‘tailoring’ to your beauty profile but doesn’t appear to actually do so. Supposed to give you ¬†a tracking number but I didn’t get this, also it arrived very late. Still, decent box for the price.¬†Best entry level box due to low price point.¬†

BellaBox June:
1 full size, 3 travel size, 3 samples

Beauty Edit

Offers one box at $20 every second month that you purchase in advance in lots of 2, 3 or 6. So minimum spend is $40. Shipments are tracked with Australia Post. Has an extensive beauty profile in the info box and tailors boxes to suit you (amount of personalisation varies month to month). Best if you want a box that is a little more personal and not too often. 

Beauty Edit June:
2 full size, 3 travel size, 3 samples, 1 other

Important: Since this review was written Beauty Edit has gone into liquidation!!

Violet Box

Offers one box at $22.95 per month, shipments are tracked. Has a ‘luxe’ focus.¬†Best if you want to try a wide range of different beauty and skincare products.¬†

Violet Box June:
5 full size, 2 travel size, 0 samples, 0 other


Offers 3 types of Glamm boxes at $80, but seem to frequently be on sale for $19.95. Once subscribed to the $19.95 special, future boxes are also $19.95. You can choose beauty, skincare, or mixed. Only contains Mirenesse products. There is also a mystery VIP box offered every second month for VIP subscribers, starting in your second month ($25 a month). Click here for an explanation of how the system works.

This box is not as ‘exciting’ as others as the contents are small, however they are expensive ‘specialty’ products e.g. anti aging, plumping lip gloss which the other boxes don’t tend to provide. Best¬†if you want to receive specialty treatment products rather than eyeshadows, generic moisturisers etc. Provides shipping notifications, but no tracking.

Glamm Mixed June:
1 full size, 2+1 travel size, 0 samples, 0 other

VIP Box August:

Native Box

Offers eco-friendly, Australian, sustainable products only. Boxes include monthly Classic Box $24.95, monthly Vegan Box $24.95, quarterly Supersize Box $49.95, quarterly Mum & Bub box $24.95, quarterly Beauty Box $24.95, quarterly Mens Box $24.95. Discounts available for paying for multiple boxes in advance. In addition to the eco-focus they try to cater for those who have food allergies or skin sensitivities to additives and so provide products with natural ingredients.

The classic and supersize boxes are a mix of food and beauty/skincare products, and may occasionally include home care (e.g. cleaning products). As a non vegan non allergy/sensitive person I found the box a little disappointing as most of the products were small sachets however I can see the value in getting to try small amounts of new products if you have special requirements. Also the fact that all businesses they work with are sustainable and Australian is a nice touch. Online store is in development, offers a points system for reviews of products. Best if you have specific ethical or allergen needs. Also has fantastic customer service.

Classic Box May:
2 full size, 2 travel size, 5 samples, 2 other

NoTox Box

Offers a monthly NoTox Box $25 and monthly Superfood Snack Box $28.95. Also offers discounts for paying for several months in one go. Has a good mix of beauty and foods, more of a food focus than Native Box. They have an extensive online store with a wide range of health foods available at reasonable prices. Best if you want to try different health foods and products. Provides shipping notification but no tracking.

NoTox Box June:
3 full size, 3 travel size, 0 samples, 2 other

Goodness Me Box

Offers a monthly Goodness Me Box for $25 which drops as low as $22.91 if you subscribe for a year at a time. This is a purely food based box and full of yummy treats! Best if you want to try different health and organic foods only. Comes packaged really nicely too!

Goodness Me Box July:
4¬†full size, 1¬†travel size, 4¬†samples, 2¬†recipes ūüôā

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