Perfect Primers

I’ve got 2 products to review today and I really love both of them. Both are primers, but they work from the opposite direction (that will make sense shortly). I’ve used cheaper primers before and generally wasn’t that impressed, but these both blew me away with the smooth perfect finish I got, without a heavy foundation feeling or caked on look.

The first is Monteil Paris Pure-N Balancing Purifying Creme 24h ($35.99 for 50ml) which I received a sample of in my June Beauty Edit.



This cream is a moisturizer primer. I tried this one first and loved it because it allowed me to get a smooth finish with powder foundations, which I prefer as I can control how heavy I go (usually keep it quite light). It has a very subtle scent, feels light on adds quite a lot of moisture while still giving you a smooth and perfect finish. This is the first product I’ve received in a mixed subscription box that I actually wanted to buy.

You can wear this a) instead of moisturizer/primer under your preferred foundation – either powder or liquid or b) just on its own to give your skin a smooth look naturally, and a more matte finish than a standard moisturizer. It claims to have the added benefits of treating combination skin.

Verdict? As someone who prefers minimal makeup, I really love this product.

The second product is Mirenesse Pore Perfect CC Primer ($39.95 for 15g but the brand appears to be often on sale).



I got this in my first Glamm Box and I wasn’t super excited as my first thought was “But I don’t have particularly visible pores”. Of course I can see them if my face is 10cm from the mirror. I tried this out anyway and I have to say I’m really happy with the results. I get a smooth finish, much better than the BB creams I have tried so far, equivalent to the Monteil Pure-N + powder foundation. It is lightly tinted so you don’t need foundation on top of it but can of course contour if you wish.

It’s a small tube but you really don’t need very much, and its lighter than liquid foundation. It also has added anti-aging ingredients, so it’s quite an all-in-one product. However I did find it VERY drying so you absolutely need to wear moisturizer under it. Notwithstanding that I still prefer it over the BB creams I’ve tried as the finish is much much better. My only criticism would be that the Mirenesse products seem very white-centric, the darkest foundation shade they have is for olive toned skin, and this doesn’t come in any other shades at all and so is only suitable for light to tanned skin.

I think I’ll be keeping both of these products on hand though – the CC Primer is also a nice size for travel. Slightly different versions of the same (primer) purpose – one to replace your moisturizer and one to replace your foundation – but both really good products now in my Beauty Must Haves!

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