Once Upon a Time Self Tanning Magic Care

I’m not that big on self-tanning products. They never seem to work for me. I possibly get my moisturiser application done unevenly, or its due to patches of scaly skin, or I don’t know but I end up looking stupid. But for some reason I decided to try this product. Ok, not ‘some reason’, for the pure fact that the brand is called ‘Once Upon a Time’ and I happen to like that TV show. Kind of a stupid reason to try a beauty product, right?

Well luckily for me, it worked out! I present: Once Upon a Time Self Tanning Magic Care. Apparently it’s a French brand.


So you get this little vial of… well rather unappealing looking liquid with an eyedropper. It doesn’t have any particularly strong smell, which I’m glad of. Even pre mixed self tan tends to smell a bit funky, and this is, I can only assume, the pure tanning ingredient not mixed with any kind of moisturiser.

The application is very, very light. You use – literally – only 2 to 3 drops, drop them onto your hand first, rub hands together then rub into your face. I was very skeptical. I thought, yeah, I will totally end up with 3 finger shaped lines dragged across my forehead and the rest of my face will be pasty, there is not nearly enough of this stuff to spread around. But I was also cautious about using more than 3 drops.


I actually was quite pleasantly surprised. If you are very pasty you may notice a slight difference after a few hours. The tan was very subtle and natural looking. After about 3 days of application, I approached what I felt was a slightly less ghost-like colour. This is great for me because I usually don’t tan my face in the sun with the rest of my body – cancer aside (although yes I know that’s the important thing) I just get covered in freckles rather than darker. And I don’t want to be covered in freckles so of course I wear sunscreen (also to protect against cancer and maintain youthful skin, of course) and then my face stays pasty white while the rest of me looks healthy and summery. Being able to control the colour of my face to match the rest of my body in very subtle increments is extremely appealing.

It doesn’t last that long though, a week or two without application and I’m back to looking rather pale.  But I have confidence now that I’ll be able to control my colour up or down in single shade increments with this product. Beauty Must Have.

Oh- and don’t forget to wash your hands after application!

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