Why you should make time for Beauty and skincare, even if you don’t need to

I’m going to be honest: I don’t have acne. I don’t have dry, oily, or sensitive skin (except for my legs). I rarely have any sort of allergic reaction to products. I don’t have patchy skin, and I don’t have wrinkles. I’ve never worn much makeup or done much by way of skin care in the past because I didn’t have to. I didn’t exfoliant, I didn’t moisturise, I didn’t wear foundation.

So why (other than the fact I enjoy writing about it) have I now spent a small fortune on skin care and beauty products?

The funny thing is I’m starting to enjoy it, in and of itself. I love taking a few extra minutes to exfoliate, and having the smell of a nice cream linger around me. Since I started a daily beauty routine I smell nice all the time and I feel more relaxed.

I wouldn’t say it’s quite at the level of bliss I feel after spending a few hours at a day spa, but I certainly feel an improvement to my wellbeing. I think facial exfoliants and toning mists are my favourite pick me up products – what about you?

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