Beauty Edit – June

Important: Since this review was written Beauty Edit has gone into liquidation!!

Beauty Edit boxes cost $20 a month but you sign up in min of 2 month lots, so the minimum spend is $40. They are sent out every second month, so I’m subscribed for June/August.

This appears to be the most tailored box! Account set up allows you to select your skin type, concerns (including sensitive) and even the type of samples you prefer to receive – Iit is ‘ preference so no guarantee but I for one rarely use self tan so it was nice to be able to opt out of this and hopefully not get them.

The mailer is customised and pink so I thought that would be it.


But inside was a lovely, sturdy box with magnetic closure. I’ll definitely be there re using this to store my growing collection of samples.

It also came with a welcome letter which was a nice touch, explaining the system a little more.

So. My box. I received a shampoo and conditioner travel duo, 3 instant eyeshadow applicators, cuticle treatment oil, night cream, moisturiser and tea.


I was pretty happy, it was nicely packaged, items were in accordance with my profile selections, and the eyeshadow applicators are a fun idea I’ve considered trying before but never felt particularly inclined to buy. Not the huge volume of stuff that Violet Box provided (which I suspect is largely due to the birthday addition) but it still felt fairly substantial with nice quality products.

The ability to tailor your preferences is a big plus I feel, also the bi monthly shipment is appealing as someone who doesn’t use a HUGE amount of product (and is now super over stocked but that’s beside the point).

I’m a fan, and this will probably be on my stay list.

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