Confessions of a Lash Addict.

Once upon a time I decided to try eyelash extensions for a little while. The first time, I didn’t like them- they itched, they made my eyelids a little sore, they felt heavy. The second time I went to a more reputable salon and I couldn’t feel them at all. However, I still touched them, and picked at them, as I’m a compulsive picker (scabs, stitches, eyelashes, cuticles, you name it). So eyelash extensions had two problems for me: 1) They’re really, really expensive 2) I picked at them and pulled my own eyelashes out and ended up with bald patches that took about 18 months to fully recover. However, they ARE addictive and without them I felt super unattractive.

So I started wearing mascara a lot, almost every day, where previously I had worn pretty much no make up at all, ever, except on special occasions. My favourite mascaras were MaxFactor Masterpiece Max and L’Oreal Butterfly Effect. They were relatively non clumping, gave good length and volume, and had those little rubbery brushes that I prefer. When I saw on the Mirenesse site a sale for “Instant False Lash Transplant” mascara I thought it was worth giving a go. I was skeptical, but the kit costs less than getting one lot of refills from proper eyelash extensions and there is no glue or risk of picking at them. So I figured why not at least try it once.

This is the first package that I received from Mirenesse (still waiting on the Glamm Box, even though it was posted first) and the first thing I have to say is that everything about the packaging is designed to make you feel special. Which I like. The shipping box is a matte black with a shiny pattern, and all the products are packaged in separate sachets with a similar style and cute little illustrations on the pack (I got some contouring concealer that I have no idea what to do with, honestly, so no review as yet). The mascara kit came in a little snap-lid box (magnetic closure) with instructions and numbered tubes, just so people like me can’t get it wrong even if they try (probably). image   So I gave it a go. And wow. Wow. Wow. The results were so much better than I expected. Below, see my eye with no mascara, Lóreal Butterfly Effect, and Mirenesse Instant Lash Transplant Volumising (there is also a lengthening version, but my lashes are reasonably long and I wear glasses so  I don’t need this). Note that in the closed-eye pic, the Mirenesse looks a teeny bit shorter than the Lóreal, but that’s only because I curled my lashes whereas in the middle pic they are straight. And look how glossy they are! image   The last pic is with and without. I’m really really happy with this. It’s also super light, couldn’t feel it at all, probably less stiff than regular mascara. And it came off very easily (note: it’s not waterproof). I could probably do more coats and get a more dramatic look but I like how natural this looked. The curler (iCurl twin heated lash curler) is also really good, and the first curler I’ve ever had that I actually liked. It has two pads that ‘stroke’ your eyelashes up and into the right position to be clamped. The only thing I found was that if I held it in place for the 15 seconds it recommends, it started to make my eye feel funny (not quite burning but dry maybe?), so perhaps I was opening my eye a bit with the curler, not sure.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to make this my regular mascara or keep it for special occasions. There are definitely days that I prefer to wear a waterproof one. I think the Butterfly Effect would do an ok job if I used the Mirenesse curler before hand. Anyway, it’s been on sale recently so I went straight out and bought even more of it! Don’t think I’ll be able to live without it. This definitely makes it into beauty must haves.

I also got a free sample of the purple rain 24hr secret weapon eye liner… I normally don’t use liquid eyeliners because I make a mess, but the applicator on this is very fine and yet also sturdy and it draws a clean, straight line easily, even for someone as co-ordinationally-challenged (yes that is now a word) as I am. I’m keen to get a black one. HOWEVER. Do make sure that you follow the instructions and keep your eye shut for some time while it dries. Longer than the 30 seconds it recommends, imho. If you open your eye while it is still wet it will transfer into the crease and draw a weird and unattractive circle on your eyelid. I did this. Don’t do it. image The other free sample I got was the velvet lip lift lip gloss. I didn’t use very much of it so maybe it was that or maybe my lips just weren’t very dry that day (although they always feel dry) but personally I didn’t notice much of a plumping effect. It did say to apply more layers for more, though, and I didn’t do that. So the verdict is still out on this one. image

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