NoTox Box – June

Another organic eco-friendly box providing a mix of food, beauty products and home products for $25 a month. They also have a Superfood Snack Box. There is no discount for paying for several months in advance, however they do allow you to specify which products types you are particularly interested in, and what your motivations are in signing up, so they seem to be tailoring the boxes to your personal tastes somewhat.

Wow, super fast shipping on this one. It shipped out the same afternoon as I ordered. It arrived 2 business days later, in the standard cardboard-mailer-with-tissue-paper packaging.



I received 4 full size products, 2 sample size products, a $30 Hello Fresh voucher and a $20 discount voucher for their super snackfoods box.

  • Full size (Small) Pack of Rooibos tea bags
  • Full size pack of konjac lasagne sheets – I’ve tried the spaghetti before and it’s not bad, largely flavourless
  • Full size block of dark organic chocolate
  • Full size herbal hand sanitiser (it’s a smallish bottle, but pretty standard for sanitiser)
  • Sample size chickpea snacks
  • Sample size brookfarm muesli sachet

Yum! Obviously when I open a box and there’s chocolate in there that puts me into a good mood from the get-go!


I was pretty lucky on everything here except the snack pack (I hate chickpeas) – love muesli, chocolate, have about 20 kinds of tea at home, and  although I’ve tried konjac pasta before it is absolutely on the mark alternative healthy interesting food. It can be hard to find in shops, though I believe Woolworths stocks limited varieties now.

As usual I exclude the add-on vouchers but I’d estimate the total value of this box to be about $22-$23, or close to $30 with postage, so a little over the $25 monthly fee.

I think this box represents good value if you want to be surprised, but I’m not continuing the subscription at this point as I’m really only interested in the organic food (overstocked on beauty products with all the incoming boxes), and they have a really good online store with a very broad range of organic/health/specialty foods and snacks at quite reasonable prices (compared to most health food stores) although of course you do have to pay postage if you choose your own products. I’ll probably go back and buy some specialty health snacks at some point as they seem to have a great range.


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