An Interesting Moisturising Theory…

I’ve always had a strong belief that the use of products can make you reliant on and continue to need more and more products, but it’s interesting to see a supplier comment along similar lines.

After recently starting a daily and nightly moisturising routine I started to feel like my face was getting pasty and puffy, like it was absorbing too much moisture (just like your fingers in a swimming pool). It made me feel for the first time like I also NEEDED to wear foundation or at least powder in the day time to look pretty and cover up my puffiness. “Well” I thought “Is this evidence of the makeup industry’s conspiracy to get more money out of me?”. But I’m experimenting with different things and giving them a go.

I haven’t tried Mirenesse’s moisturisers yet, but they might be one to consider. Along with possibly reducing my use of moisturisers so I don’t use them every day, or only use them in the areas that need them rather than over the whole face. We shall see how it goes.

Mirenesse Cosmetics

There is one beauty theory out there that suggests moisturising can actually accelerate the ageing process, crazy right?

Well, it seems to apply a little more to healthy, young and already hydrated skin.

Here on our blog we have discussed the mistake of over washing and over exfoliating the face so it doesn’t seem to far fetched that over moisturising can be an issue, or does it?

Well, here’s what it’s all about.

When it comes to young and healthy skin, it has been said that applying moisturiser over the cells in the dermis that are already collecting water from food is apparently sending the skin cells in the epidermis a “slow down” message and therefore allowing them to get lazy and reliant on topical moisturises, which eventually causes the cells in the dermis to move from lazy to dormant, and therefore impacting on the skin and making it drier and thinner.


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