The Cosmetic Kitchen Pure Mineral Blush – Review

I received this product (full size, limited edition) in the May Beauty Box from Lust Have It. At first I was a little ‘meh’ about it as I don’t wear blush much – my cheeks go red easily enough I don’t feel the need to be even pinker. However I’m reasonably happy with this one. You don’t need a lot but it’s not as pink as other blushes I’ve used in the past, it seems somewhere between a blush and a bronzer. Brushed on lightly it just gives you a nice natural looking glow.

HOWEVER I really don’t like the container. The shaker type containers tend to annoy me anyway as there is no way to get product out without getting it all over the inside o the lid (if you’re using a brush rather than a puff) but with this particular one, while the packaging is nice from the outside, something about the inside of the lid design means that when you flip it upside down loose product consistently gets on the OUTSIDE of the rim rather than in the sort of plate section on the top – it’s a little hard to describe but you can see it in the top picture below. This happens every time and it’s really messy, I have to wipe down my sink and bench every time I use it which just irritates me. It’s really poorly designed.


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