Exploring Mirenesse VIP

Another flash sale strikes again. I got an email from Mirenesse offering me a 20% discount code – now, granted, I hadn’t even received my other products yet so I shouldn’t have ordered anything but this product caught my eye – instant lash transplant. As someone who has previously had (and worked as a technician) eyelash extensions, I feel my natural lashes somewhat insubstantial these days. However I can’t justify the cost of getting eyelash extensions continuously, also I tend to pick at them and thus ruin my natural eyelashes. I had a bald spot for over a year until they grew back properly.

The pack I bought consisted of iCurl Twin Heated Lash Curler (normally $49.95), Instant Lash Transplant Volumising Kit (comprising a transplant gel, lash fibres and comb, normally $89.50) and an Auto Eyeliner Duet Ebony/Mahogany (a double ended eyeliner – normally $35). Total pack RRP $174.45 although it states $178.50, not sure where that math came from. Anyway, the flash sale had the package up for the rather arbitrary figure of $87.47 – with my 20% off code I scored it for $69.97. At less than the price of a single set of eyelash extensions I figured that was worth giving it a go, if it will really allow me to get temporary long lashes for special events etc.

I also ordered a pack containing a Studio Magic Coverall Contour/Concealer (normally $47.96) and Studio Magic BB Pore Powder (normally $28) which was on sale for $37.22 – however once I added my monthly VIP voucher to the cart I really only paid $12 for this. So maybe the VIP thing isn’t so bad after all, but I don’t know if I’ll use it every single month.

Of course being VIP I got free shipping too. To my surprise (I believe because I hit a certain cart value?) they also offered me 2 free mini product samples – Secret Weapon 24 Hr Eye Liner in Purple Rain, and a velvet lip lift moisture shine. And was able to order a free booklet on choosing the perfect foundation. I also discovered that in addition to the flash sale page, there is a page full of VIP only offers and packs. So, that’s exciting, but I won’t order anything else until I get my next (paid for) VIP voucher next month. I’m pretty interested in trying some of the “create your own kit” options – but I will wait until I get the book on choosing my perfect foundation :3 For now… I will be wish-listing everything I’m interested in!

Stay tuned for reviews of all the products when I get them… so excited!

For any of my friends reading this who think they might be interested please let me know so I can email you a referral and get a voucher 😛 you know how I love vouchers.

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