Mirenesse VIP and Glamm Mixed Box – Sign Up

Ok, now I should point out that the VIP club and the Glamm Mixed Box are two distinct products offered by Mirenesse, however I am combining this review due to the manner in which I ordered and the confusion that I personally faced, which I believe others may as well. When I actually receive the box/products, I will review those in a separate entry, or it’s just going to be mega-long.

The Glamm Boxes (you can choose beauty, skincare, or mix) are advertised as ‘flash sale, 75% off’ so I paid $19.95 – usually it’s $80 but the flash sales seem like a fairly regular occurrence, however no guarantee what will be on sale at any one time. You can choose a recurrence of 30, 60, or 90 days, which is nice as nobody else offers this option – there are either monthly boxes, bi monthly boxes, or quarterly boxes.

On signing up I also got the chance to choose an additional freebie from about 4 or 5 options. I chose a facial peel mini. You select your basic skin profile as well, as a minimum they cater to your skin tone (if foundation is included). They also shipped it out super fast – the same day I ordered!

Now, one of the reasons I signed up for the VIP club, was because I thought it was somehow a necessary option to get this box, this isn’t exactly the case. The VIP club is $25 a month, and it’s a little confusing but for your $25 a month this is what you get:

  • Substantially discounted prices in their online store.
  • Free shipping and returns.
  • A detailed profile including your skin type, complexion, focuses (hair care, aging etc) which they use when they consider what to send you.
  • A ‘birthday surprise’
  • Loyalty rewards points
  • A $25 monthly voucher**
  • A ‘free’ beauty box every second month**

Now why have I marked those as ** ? Because in order to use your $25 voucher you have to spend over $65 in store, so it’s really more of a discount than a voucher. Each one is only valid 30 days so you can’t hoard them. You don’t get your first beauty box until your second month of membership. So personally, I’m going to consider that you’re really paying $50 for each beauty box, and all the other things are the bonuses. I have my doubts as to whether the contents of the box will seem worthwhile for $50.

They do track your monthly voucher numbers in your account which is good, you don’t have to keep track of them. Frankly I don’t think I use enough makeup to be worth staying on it personally as I’m unlikely to use the $25 monthly ‘vouchers’, but I will give it a go for 2 months to make sure I get one box to see whats in it (or maybe 3 months, to see what the birthday treat is).

They also have ‘make your own kit’ options where you can select a suite of products designed to go together and tailored for your needs, e.g. lip plumping/tint kit. One thing that is clear is that this subscription is way more luxe than all the other subscription boxes. They go out of the way to make it seem glam and special. At the bottom of the page I’ve attached the email that I got when my order shipped, I think it’s super cute.

Order at: http://www.mirenesse.com/


When you purchase from Mirenesse your products have been ever so gently picked from our velvet lined shelves by a team of Mirenesse picking specialists wearing white cotton gloves who placed them onto a silk draped table ready for packing.

12 of our highly trained Mirenesse product specialists inspected your order one at a time and hand wiped each and every product with a polishing cloth made in France to make sure they were all in the best possible condition before mailing them to you.

Our packing specialist from France gently placed your entire order with precision into your specially designed “Mirenesse Beauty Box” that was exclusively designed for Mirenesse by an Award Winning design firm from 5th Ave in New York that spent 4 years developing this extraordinary beautiful one of a kind shipping box.

Once your order had a final inspection from our Quality Assurance Director who expertly checked and sealed your order using state of the art machinery, all the Mirenesse staff popped a bottle of bubbly and celebrated your order and afterwards the whole team danced down the street to the Keilor Post Office where the entire town of Keilor waved “Bon Voyage!” to your order, on its way to you, in our fleet of Mirenesse limousines.

We hope you had a wonderful time shopping at Mirenesse. Your picture is on our office wall as “Customer of the Year”.

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