Buenos Aires Steak House

Bought a Groupon deal to check this out, $45 for two people to have a mixed grill with 6 types of meat and a glass of wine each. Had low expectations as I find those coupon deals can be a bit hit and miss but was pretty pleasantly surprised. Everything was absolutely delicious, restaurant done up nicely but not over the top – cow hide bar was a little wild west but looked good as a feature and suitable for a steak house. House wine was drinkable.

Voucher did not come with sides so ordered a bowl of mixed veggies – not the typical steamed broccoli cauliflower etc but grilled mushrooms, capsicum, artichoke etc in olive oil, quite tangy but complemented the marinated meats well. Also ordered dessert separately – churros and creme caramel. The churros were ok, always gravitate toward them but they are an overated food imho anyway, creme caramel was one of the best I’ve ever had, very thick and creamy, not as gelatinous as the usual style. Only disappointment was that fresh cream and strawberry advertised as a side to all desserts was actually icecream with strawberry syrup. Guess they are not in season.

Every cut of meat was cooked perfectly, and the flavours were fantastic. I would hate to go here and NOT have the mixed grill. Will definitely be heading back at some point for the all you can eat offer.

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