Templestowe Living Room

For a lively restaurant and good food out in the absolute ‘burbs, I was pleasantly surprised by Templestowe Living Room. In a bustling strip of shops seemingly out in the middle of no where this restaurant was packed full. The week prior, we had left it too late to get a booking, this week we booked several days in advance for a Saturday night seat. At 7pm it was packed, and when we left at 9pm it was still packed with diners at the later sittings getting their mains.

The daily lamb special, duo of lamb with charred brocollini and a risotto of barley and asparagus was fantastic, as was the lemon brulee dessert (strong lemony tartness). Only downside was the appetiser; the Turkish bread was rather too fluffy and white and the dips were nothing special. Could have saved $5 and gone for the standard oil and vinegar option.

Even better value with the Entertainment Book! Will definitely try this restaurant or area again if wanting a bit of liveliness without going all the way into the city.

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