Saigon Rose

Saigon Rose is an unassuming Vietnamese restaurant down the Prahran end of Chapel Street. 

It was a last minute decision and we were lucky to get a table for 6, the place was packed! Nonetheless we were first met with much crying and tearing of the hair upon discovering that the Pho was not available for dinner! 

We quickly settled on the mains to share, lemon chicken (theirs comes out as delicious sliced chicken breast, not little balls of mystery meat), salt and pepper fried tofu (not the best I’ve had but ok), beef with chilli and lemon grass, a vegetable dish, and rice. The entrees we had were the rare beef salad (excellent!) and… and this is the kicker… banana chicken.

Initially we ordered this because we were curious. Banana chicken you say? What on earth is that? None of us had seen it on a menu before. The description was strange, banana and chicken on toast with plum sauce. It sounded quaint. We ordered for the hell of it.


This stuff is amazing. It’s crispy, its soft, its salty, its sweet, the deep fried crumb on the outside is crunchy, the plum sauce is tangy. It’s like the unholy love child (I say that a lot, don’t I?) of a banana fritter and a chicken schnitzel wrapped up in a grilled cheese sandwich. Except there isn’t any cheese. It’s difficult to describe and sounds strange but it works.  

Go here. Order Banana Chicken. You’re welcome. 

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