Wildfire Sydney


So this experience just blew me out of the water. I picked this restaurant because I wanted the view of the opera house across the harbour. I thought it would be very expensive due to the location, despite being in the international ferry terminal. There are standard main meals on the menu, as well as a sharing option – the churrasco.

Now, because I like a bit of everything, the churrasco, which I assumed would be charcoal grilled meats sliced onto a shared meat platter, was a no-brainer. I. Was. Not. Prepared.

And as usual, since I am a terrible food blogger, I don’t have very many photos.


The waiters take skewers straight from the grill and carry them around the tables of those who ordered this option, woe be to those who chose standard mains and looked on in green eyed jealousy! They carve directly onto your plate then return them to the grill to cook for a while longer on a rotisserie. Everybody gets an edge piece! And the food just kept coming and coming and coming. We ate 13 different meat dishes that night, as well as vegetables and grilled pineapple (pineapple with cinnamon was an amazing discovery!) and dessert. It was quite uncomfortable afterwards but so worth it. The highlight was the maple glazed pork neck. But then our highlights usually involve pork of some description.

I had a cool dry ice infused cocktail in a re-used crystal skull vodka bottle, which was very cool, but sadly a little disappointing. And for dessert, the 2 person creme brulee! Served in a sort of flying-saucer contraption. It was very nearly a 1 person creme brulee as I had to pry it away from Mister to be able to get any. I think he might have run off and married it.



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