Amici Bakery Cafe

With an array of hearty savories and a temptingly delicious cake display, Amici Bakery Cafe on Chapel St is one of my favourite breakfast/brunch/lunch/snack cafes. I believe the coffee is also pretty decent, although I don’t personally drink coffee (somehow). This was a day when I’d been running around like crazy, done a fairly intense workout, not eaten enough breakfast and it was about 2pm. My body was more or less screaming at me to eat something full of protein and fat and deliciousness and to get it in NOW. And so this:

Scrambled eggs with spanish onion and chorizo, goats cheese, and gluten free bread. All delicious. Hearty. Warming. Filling.

I have mixed feelings about dill. It’s not my favourite herb in terms of flavour and I wouldn’t really just chow down on it, but a little bit of it blended into the butter and/or goats cheese and spread on bread adds a nice freshness to it. This was really good gluten free bread, dense and slightly chewy but not overly gluggy. Like good pasta, it had that pleasant ‘al dente’ sensation. It definitely helps when you’re somewhere that you can see all the bread racks in the kitchen, displayed on nice wooden shelves behind the counter, and the whole establishment just generally smells like fresh bread too.

The eggs were maybe a little TOO buttery and salty for my liking but they really hit the spot.

This was a little while ago so I’m afraid I can’t remember much else, but in short: go there. It has never disappointed me.