Dear friends, I already posted about the benefits of planning on sticking to healthy meals and a budget, so I just wanted to alert you to this wonderful find I made at officeworks the other day 🙂

Food Planning Diary :)

Food Planning Diary 🙂

This meal planning diary has a years worth of weekly meal plans (undated – I don’t plan to date them, personally, as I expect to go back and use the plans over and over), recipe pages, little plastic pockets for tucking away those recipe cards you sometimes pick up at supermarkets or clip out of magazines, a section for wine and shopping lists, and cute stickers that I don’t really see the point of but they are cute (they have things on them like ‘party nibbles’, ‘drinks’, ‘date night’, ‘gluten free’).

At $18.95 it’s pretty steep for a diary, but honestly I’m looking forward so much to filling it up with delicious recipe ideas (I’m working on home made protein brownies at the moment, since buying protein bars is SO expensive) and meal plans that I can re-use for pretty much ever.

That’s all I wanted to say 🙂 like all pretty stationery and food-related topics, I’m excited! Double whammy with this one.

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