Shophouse Kitchen

Shophouse Kitchen Asian Eating House is the newest (I believe) addition to the restaurant/cafe offering at QV, next to Max Brenners.

Discovered quite by accident (we had tried to go to a recommended cafe in Brunswick, but were put off by the line of hipsters queuing out the door and retreated to the city) it lured us away from the promise of chocolate waffles for breakfast with thoughts of noodles and BBQ pork.

Which were duly had.

Similar to other Asian cafe eateries like China Bar, Shophouse Kitchen features wontons, various fried noodles, BBQ pork, dumplings, lots more pork, noodle soups, and rice dishes. I’d say the overall quality was above that of China Bar, while the price point is similar, so thats A+ in my books.

There were some interesting mocktail choices available (38. Shanghai Berries – earl grey tea and berries –¬† was delicious and extremely refreshing) and on top of this we had:

  • K08 Stir fried rice noodle (beef hor fun) – wide rice noodles, similar to char quay teow but without the seafood element. Now this sort of noodle dish has always been my favourite, but with that comes great expectations. With only a few ingredients (noodles, beef, bean shoots, shallots and soy sauces) this dish can either be somewhat bland, overly salty, or, as in this case, just absolutely perfect… tender beef, crunchy bean shoots, and just the right amount of the various sauces added in the give it a rich, lightly charred, noodley flavour. Just as good as the ones bought from hawker stalls in South East asian markets.
  • E08 Pork belly rice set – braised pork served with rice, cabbage and egg. Pork belly is, again, something that needs to be done perfectly, or it can be overly salty and/or overwhelmingly fatty. This pork belly was perfect, with the flavour infused right through the fat which just melted away in your mouth. Also, the egg had that exact amount of runny-ness in the centre that you want when you break it over your rice.
  • B13 BBQ pork buns – still good, but the more disappointing part of the meal. A little too much bread and just red BBQ sauce inside. Could have used a bit more pork.

As there were about 20 other things on the menu I wanted to try, I’ll likely be back again.


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