OMG Omelette

Eggs are the quintessential quick and hearty breakfast for one, but they can rapidly get a little boring.

But they don’t have to.

The key to making great scrambled eggs or omelettes is to have a few key, prize flavour boosters in the fridge at all times. My favourite ingredients to this end include sundried tomatoes, marinated fetta, spring onions, smoked garlic.. the list goes on.

Normally I make scrambled eggs if I’m feeling this way inclined, but I felt like something a little different this time, so my key ingredient became a good piece of artisan cheese – namely, The Bastard (a hard cheese made of blended cow and goats milk) from the Bruny Island Cheese Company.

As far as I am aware there are no other stockists of Bruny Island Cheeses in Melbourne or otherwise. You can visit them directly in Tasmania, or you can order the cheeses to be delivered, either as a one off or through their Cheese Club (yes, I’m a member, and yes, it is difficult to avoid ordering every single cheese club offer).

So this is what I created:

15 June

Mushroom, chilli and spinach omelette with smoked garlic and The Bastard cheese crust.

It’s a fairly standard omelette, however unlike my usual ‘stir the marinated fetta through the eggs’ technique, this time it has a golden crispy crust of cheese on the outside. You know that little cheese crust that forms around the edges when you’re making a toasty and some melted cheese leaks out? Yeah, something like that, only all over.

How to do it: chop the cheese up into small pieces and scatter them in the pan once the other ingredients are cooked through. Leave them a little while to melt just a bit before you add the eggs, then DONT TOUCH IT!

Don’t worry about the cheese sticking to the pan. If it’s either been greased for the eggs anyway, or is a non stick pan, the cheese will come off with the rest of it.

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