Walking into Brunetti for the first time is a little bit like dying and going to heaven. Assuming that heaven is cake as far as the eye can see, and I assume you like cake, because otherwise what are you doing reading a food blog?

Nonetheless the excitement is only mildly diminished on the second, third, twentieth visits…

Being one of those people who can’t make up their mind I usually order from the miniature section so I can try 2 or 3 things, having said that I usually try 2 or 3 things from the same somewhat limited list

  • various bignes, sort of like profiteroles with various kinds of filling
  • mini eclairs
  • mini lemon meringue tarts

with the occasional addition of:

  • mini fruit tarts
  • mini flourless cakes
  • mini cannolis (yes yes, everything mini, everything cute, cuter = tastier)

All are, of course, perfectly bite sized tongue teasers… but I always do the same thing so this time I decided to break the norm.

Biscuit base, chocolate mousse with a sort of ganachey chocolate centre and salted caramel, all powder sprayed with a velvety dark chocolate coating.. Mmmm…

The Carlton Brunetti has recently  moved around the corner from it’s long standing home on Faraday St, into the Lygon Court shopping centre (where Cinema Nova is), but the classic Brunetti decorations have remained and the feel of the place is more or less the same. The selection of cakes and pastries has not diminished, although the size of the coffee bar has increased and is now housed in a circular servery in the centre of the restaurant.

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