The Grange at Cleveland Winery

The Grange is a series of motel/conference centres so I wasn’t really sure what to expect, regardless of the fact that it’s at a winery.

This is more of a total package review as I don’t have photos of the food, and also the a la carte dinner (a rather large veal rib eye) was much better than the breakfast (standard buffet with nowhere-near-crispy-enough bacon). At any rate it was a fair few cuts above standard conference centre food.

Amazing homestead dining room with feature ceiling.

Amazing homestead dining room with feature ceiling.

If you happen to go there, do yourself a favor and ask them if you can stay in the homestead instead of the standard accommodation. It’s a beautiful old building that has been fully restored to it’s original glory with fantastic feature timber work and some rather quaint stained glass windows of delicious animals.

mm.. lamb

mm.. lamb

The restaurant is in the old carriage house building, which has high ceilings, large exposed timber beams, and a lovely deck out the back where you can sit and look across the farmland while you drink your coffee in the morning.

The veal was perhaps a little tougher than veal should be, but had a good strong flavour as rib eye should. I was impressed by the pannacotta for dessert, which had a subtle orange flavour in the background. The wine was fairly good too, it’s recommended as a cold climate wine region so we had the Pinot Noir.


Also: fluffy cows.

Also: fluffy cows.

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