Glen Erin – Roast and Red

Glen Erin is a charming little winery just out of Lancefield to the west.

The restaurant has an upmarket country house feel with white linen, open fireplaces, and a view out across the vineyards. We visited as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festivial’s June 2013 ‘Roast Collection’.

The starting bread came with oil, butter, and olives, which were a nice touch, and for starters we had a tasting plate of which everything was well presented and delicious. This included some marinated pork belly, felafel, salmon, frittata and a few other small pieces.

As part of the special we tried both the pork and lamb roasts. The pork was cooked perfectly, with loudly crunching crackling and the pear and parsnip puree (looking rather like mashed potato) added an interesting and flavourful twist.

The roast lamb, unfortunately, was closer to mutton, and despite the menu saying it was cooked medium (or was it medium -rare, I can’t remember) it definitely came out well done. As roast lamb is something I don’t treat myself to very often I was a little disappointed – nonetheless all the accompanying vegetables and garnishes were quite nice.

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