Temperance Hotel – A Celebration of Pork

My first foray into ‘The Roast Collection’ in June 2013, organised by the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

Regrettably, I have no photos of this event. I tend to find that, pretty consistently, any dish involving pork crackling seems to destroy your ability to restrain yourself and disappears rather rapidly.

I’ve been to Temperance before, but always for drinks and dancing, although  I knew it operates as a pub (with associated pub meals) before 9pm. This event featured a trio of pork: confit shoulder, slow cooked belly, and grilled pork loin, accompanied by a selection of locally sourced heirloom vegetables and sauces.

And boy, was it delicious.

I was pleasantly surprised, and very impressed. The flavours and execution of the meal was far beyond what I expected of a pub and essentially beverage-oriented venue. Couples squabbled affectionately, trying to steal the last little piece of pork off their partners plate (you know, mostly joking but secretly hoping they could actually  manage to score that final crunchy bite of pork crackling before it’s all gone).

Source: Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

Source: Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

As mentioned I didn’t get any photos but the above marketing photo from the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival website is remarkably accurate. This was not one of those cases where the marketing image portrays a far more appealing dish than what you actually get.

I’m definitely keen to go back and check out their pub menu on a standard day.


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