Duke of Wellington

Having had a recent facelift the Duke of Wellington is a rather clean cut pub at the top end of Flinders Street.

On a Friday evening despite appalling rain the place was packed, and I mean PACKED with suits. It’s a slightly older demographic but everyone seemed in good spirits, although you could hardly squeeze in. (The crowd had mostly thinned out by 11pm, so it’s not the place for a big one).

Whilst nursing drinks in hand we caught the tantalising aroma of hot chips (and in winter on a rainy dark evening? yes please!) drifting from… somewhere. It was the worst kind of tease as we couldn’t see anyone eating, but eventually we did get our hands on a bar menu and ordered hot chips and pork sliders.

The chips are served quaintly in a paper bag (though still on a plate) and this does indeed help to keep them crispy. I’d rank them among the better chips I’ve had, though a little on the salty side. The pulled pork sliders were quite tasty, although maybe a tad on the dry side (seems to be a common problem with the bread ratio in sliders), but it’s always awkward when there’s two of you and things get served in 3’s.

It’s a little haphazard as the waiters don’t give you a number, they just ask you roughly where you’re sitting and then walk around looking confused and trying to work out who to give the food too.

The pub also has quite a history, according to their website and menus.


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