De Los Santos

Welcome to LiveLoveLick. I apologise for the lack of photos on a food blog (which is practically blasphemy) however this was a spontaneous project and I’m back dating some of my first few posts in order to share some of the places I’ve been to recently. I promise to be better in the future.

De Lost Santos is a charming little Spanish restaurant on an unassuming corner of Brunswick st. On a Sunday evening the ambience was set by a live band, staff were attentive, and the menu is predominantly Tapas dishes.

What we had:

Torres Coronas Tempranillo – I find a lot of wines change flavour dramatically once you start eating, but this Tempranillo is a pleasant red with a mild peppery flavour that is maintained throughout the meal. Being Spanish, goes well with the tapas flavours, of course.

Chorizo Puffs – not sure if these were a special but they aren’t on the online menu. Surprisingly light and fluffy these fried puffs were a little more than bite sized, with minced chorizo mixed though adding flavour. Biting through the crispy shell the inside of the puff melts away in your mouth.. if you are a chorizo lover, you could eat these pretty much endlessly as the flavour is not too strong, and there is none of that sickening feeling I usually get from eating too much chorizo.

Lamb Ribs – Fantastic flavours but a little on the dry side, and of course, there is no way to eat these neatly in polite company. That’s the problem with ribs, and yet, well, I for one keep making the sacrifice.

Patatas Bravas – the staple of any tapas restaurant, and everyone does them a little differently. I can’t say I remember much about these ones, it was nearly 2 months ago, but still. I think they were good but nothing outstanding.

Crema Catalana – one of the better ones I’ve had. A smooth, perfect consistency with a rich-but-not-too-rich orange and vanilla bean flavour. It also avoids being too eggy.

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